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  1. I like your batch files and im a really love batch files im getting more and more into it but i was wondering if you could send me code for that menubamd teach me how to make those animations in batch files plz thank you for your time!

  2. Im having trouble understand what the C codes do i dont know alotta computer terms so i get confused could u explain what some simple C code means in the simplest way?

  3. I’m a programmer since the days of IBM370, Z80, CP/M, name it I’ve done that.
    This is what I do for a living, and man, I am superman in my world.
    But your work and willingness to help impressed me. (reminds me of me)
    Keep it up.

  4. You have a bug with the potential for a buffer overrun in your C irc bot example (https://jakash3.wordpress.com/2011/07/06/c-java-and-python-irc-bot-examples/). The issue are, firstly, that you don’t remove the old contents of the buffer after messages have been received and secondly, that you don’t have a sentinel null byte at the end of the buffer, so if a message of the full length was received, the fputs and strlen would just happily walk over the end of the buffer. You could fix the second issue by setting buf[511] (the last byte) immediately after the recv to ” or by clamping all accesses to the 512 bytes boundary and the first issue by issuing a memset of the used area (or just the whole buffer) before each recv call.

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