Avatar – The Last Programmer

Only the Avatar can master the 4 elements of programming:

  • Water – Component-Based
  • Earth – Structured
  • Fire – Event Driven
  • Air – Declarative

From these elements comes different styles of the same discipline:

  • Component-Based – Flow-based, Pipeline
  • Structured – Object-Oriented, Expression-Oriented
  • Event Driven – Event Driven, Process Oriented
  • Declarative – Logic, Constraint.

(I made these up)
Component-Based programming:

"hello world!">printf
         "printf return value: "
   ^             V


class obj {
string name;
int size;
string value;
obj str=new obj();
str.value="Hello world!";

Event Driven:

void load() handles myprogram.load {
invoke welcome;
void welcome() {
printf("hello world!");
void pause() handles welcome.invoked {


mother_child(trude, sally).

father_child(tom, sally).
father_child(tom, erica).
father_child(mike, tom).

sibling(X, Y)      :- parent_child(Z, X), parent_child(Z, Y).

parent_child(X, Y) :- father_child(X, Y).
parent_child(X, Y) :- mother_child(X, Y).

Btw, some of the information might be wrong but this is for fun, so don’t hate and give all these specific corrections.

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